Unkindness Art has partnered with the laser tattoo removal specialists at The Finery to provide laser tattoo removal services right here in Richmond. The Finery has earned a place as one of the leading tattoo removal companies in the country by providing state of the art technology, industry-leading experience, and exceptional customer service.

If you've thought about covering up or reworking an existing tattoo, your artist at Unkindness Art may suggest getting a few sessions of laser tattoo removal first, in order to lighten the existing tattoo and make it easier to cover. 

The first step in fading or removing an unwanted tattoo is to set up a time to speak with one of The Finery's laser technicians. You can do so by calling The Finery at 857-284-4800, or by completing their online tattoo analysis questionnaire. Let them know that Unkindness Art referred you and receive 50% off the cost of your first laser session. 

Upcoming Richmond appointment dates:

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